Stephanie Maul's Design Portfolio


My name is Stephanie Maul and I am a 29 year old graphic designer.  I love anything involved with art and design and I’m always looking to learn new things, experience different places, and get out of my comfort zone.  I’m used to tight deadlines and small budgets and I’ve managed a team of designers while working with marketers, packaging engineers and vendors.  Being an Art Director of a national brand has given me the experience to build relationships with people worldwide, maintain brand standards, and work closely with major retailers. In the past 6 years I’ve developed skills in packaging design, brand management, email marketing and deployment, website maintenance and updating, video editing, social media and more…

A little bit about me

My romantic feel good movie is The Hunt for Red October
I can do a spot on Breckin Meyer doing Boba Fett impression from Robot Chicken’s Star Wars episodes
My dream is to climb Mt. Everest.
My favorite band is Rammstein – My favorite CD is Reise, Reise
I will watch anything on the BBC
I have a 3 year old rescue Great Dane named Millie
My favorite Nintendo game is Wizards and Warriors II – Ironsword










Factory9Design is the design portfolio of Stephanie Maul
Currently based in Madison, WI. Freelance inquiries are always welcome!